Trekking della Madonna - Day 2

The day
started out with gorgeous December sunshine and everyone was in good spirits
after a restful night under feather comforters. After breakfast was served to
all horses and humans, our group started off towards the valley of the River
Merse. Leaving the Colline Metallifere (metal hills) requires going up and down
those hills until finally reaching the flatter region around the river that
then leads to the Abbey of San Galgano. Due to the November rains, the river
level came up to the bellies of the horses. It was quite adventurous and

Trekking della Madonna - Day 1

Our group departed from Niccioleta (near Massa Marittima) this morning more or less on time, despite some trailer troubles (one of our
horses revealed that she really doesn't like having the top part of the

Prepped and ready

Visiting horses are at the departure point, stalls are clean with full mangers waiting for the arrival of our trekking clients at the end of day one and our guide is fast asleep because we've got an early start in the morning. Weather forecast looks good - let the 2 day trail ride begin!

Riding Event: Massa Marittima to S.Galgano

This weekend, 7th and 8th of December, we've got another horse trekking event planned; a gorgeous 2-day ride through the Colline Metallifere starting from the medieval town of Massa Marittima and finally arriving at the magical Abbey of San Galgano, home to legends and mystery including an up-close-and-personal viewing of the sword in the stone (didn't know there was one in Tuscany, did you?).

Distance covered: ca. 65km. Places of interest along the way:

November Sunday Trail Ride

November isn't the greatest of months weather-wise as it can be a bit unpredictable. However when the forecast calls for "cloudy" and instead we get a brilliant sunny day it pays to saddle up and head out on the trails! The fresh autumn air wakes up those dozy brain cells and the colours of the turning leaves provides a new panorama to enjoy. We set out with a couple of our younger, more spirited horses and when things got a little nippy, we kicked up the speed to an easy trot or canter to get the blood circulating again.


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