Caving / Mine Exploration

Why stop at exploring the
surface of the earth of Tuscany when 75 Avventura offers you the chance to
safely explore the ground beneath your feet? Our guides know every corner of
the cave and mine systems of the Colline Metallifere (metal hills) and they are
willing to share this magical world of caverns and narrow pathways with you.
Prepare to discover the unique underground ecosystems found in caves as you
feel the thrill of entering places that only a select few have the courage to

We offer two possibilities
for a guided caving experience in Tuscany:

1. "Horizontal
Tour" - half day (ca. 2.5 hours)

Our no-ropes needed,
family-friendly tours are designed to accommodate everyone capable of walking
short distances and bending at the waist. A combination of short walks in the
open air of the Nature Reserve "Cornate e Fosini" with visits to
natural caves and man-made mines dating back to Etruscan times. Our guides can
reveal the many faces of this subterranean universe: the history, the legends,
the science and, of course, the fun! The caves and mines are of various
dimensions (from very large and open to the occasional tight squeeze) so there
is something for everyone.

2. "Vertical
Tour" - full day (ca. 5 hours)

This experience is a
full-day commitment as it first requires a lesson in a controlled environment
and practical experience with the ropes, techniques and rigging systems needed
to perform the vertical descent. Once participants are able to perform
competently and safely, they will join their guide in the vertical pit cave
descent. For adventure seekers, this is a great day of fun in, and under,

Mnimum 2 participants
Horizontal Tour Adults € 27.50    Children 6-17 years old  € 18
Under 6 years old FREE
Vertical Tour Adults € 140