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Summer Camps for children and teens

summer campsThis year there's almost too much choice when it comes to choosing a summer camp in Tuscany with 75esima Avventura

Join Us for a Nature Walk!

passeggiata a piedi guidataWe're heading out again this Sunday March 29th for a spectacular walk in the Colline Metallifere (province of Grosseto; region of Tuscany) to one of the view points known as "Poggio di Prata"... and you, as always, are invited!

Outdoor ESL Education

outdoor english education  ESL (English as a second language) learning can benefit from outdoor education principles and activities.

Summer Camps

summer camp   Summer Camp Registration is open! 2015

 This year there are some various choices between dates, ages and style of camp:

Full Day Horse Riding Event

tutto il giorno a cavallo  Sunday March 22nd 2015 we're offering riders the chance to get back into the saddle after these winter months and join us on a full day ride within the Nature Reserve known as "Cornate e Fosini" in the province of Grosseto, Tuscany. We're bound to find signs of spring in the Reserve and what better way to see them than on horseback?

Fuori Ci Aspetta! Guided walk with theme "Love in Nature"

Passeggiata a piedi guidata 14 febbraio An initiative organized by the Riserva Naturale Cornate e Fosini and the Associazione 75esima Avventura Nature & Sport dedicated to all those who wish to step out to explore and have fun in the rich natural resources that surround us.

Summer English!

campo estivo inglese 2014I watched a 9 year old girl looking at our summer camp brochure: she saw the words "summer camp" and continued reading. She saw "horse riding" and her eyes lit up, "Mamma we can ride horses!" She saw kayaking and archery and her smile got bigger.

From Canada?

Between Easter, the Anniversary of Liberation Day (April 25), Italian Labour Day etc, it's a period of long weekends and school holidays for many Italians. For those like us who work in the tourism industry, it means we've got some 'movement' and we are fortunate to make the acquaintance of a number of new faces in a short period. It's obvious that during our time together horse riding or on the high ropes that we get to chatting and many people want to understand my reason for leaving Canada and moving to Italy. The answer is quite simple: I'm happy here!

Monterufoli Horses

monterufoli horses75esima Avventura is pleased to welcome its newest equine residents -  and they’re quite special!


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