Fuori Ci Aspetta! Guided walk with theme "Love in Nature"

Passeggiata a piedi guidata 14 febbraio An initiative organized by the Riserva Naturale Cornate e Fosini and the Associazione 75esima Avventura Nature & Sport dedicated to all those who wish to step out to explore and have fun in the rich natural resources that surround us.

It's an easy walk of 3.5km, ideal for families (without strollers as we'll be on forest trails) and individuals looking for some fresh air, a bit of movement and good company. Bring binoculars if you have them! The views are amazing and there's always a good chance of seeing birds and animals from a distance. There will also be a  "sweet stop."

Join us! Free for all under 15 years old and for those over, just a small contribution of 2 euros.