Summer Camps for children and teens

summer campsThis year there's almost too much choice when it comes to choosing a summer camp in Tuscany with 75esima Avventura

Far More English: a summer camp for children 6-12 years old where they can try their hand at a wide range of adventurous sport and nature activities: horse riding, caving, high ropes, canoe, archery... together with English learning. Through songs, games and activities, learning English phrases and vocabulary just becomes another natural part of this fun summer camp.

Campo Equitazione: a horse riding camp for children 8-12 years old who want nothing more than to be in the company of their four-legged equine friends otherwise you can choose Camp English & Equitazione for teens 13-17 years old who wish to embark on a unique experience with our much-loved horses. Every day is different because campers take part in a wide range of equestrian activities: vaulting, trail rides through the woods, musical ride, swimming with horses in the river and even a night out camping after reaching the camp site by horse! Add to these camps opportunities for English conversation, managed by a native English speaking teacher, and you have a complete summer experience that's not only fun but continues to each individual's growth and development.

For parents looking for an option that doesn't included sitting at home while waiting for the family vacation to begin, 75 Avventura offers half day summer camps for children 5-11 years old where they not only interact with other children but also with nature through sport, exploration and art. English in these camps is not a priority.

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