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Horse Riding Lessons

We truly enjoy teaching people about horses and horse riding. Horse riding
lessons are the quickest and safest way to learn how to ride and to build confidence
while avoiding the development of bad habits. Lessons are also a big confidence
booster because if you can successfully work with a 500kg animal, then think of
what other things you can accomplish! 

At 75 Avventura, we teach you about horses: how they react, their
instincts, their needs and their language. In the riding ring we teach you the
basics for how to communicate effectively with your horse to get results and
how to stay safe when out on the trails. We specialize in horse riding holidays: trail rides and horse
trekking so we can teach you all you need to know for walking, trotting and
cantering along the trails in safety and getting the maximum enjoyment out of
the experience.

We recommend 30 minute lessons to children 6 and under while older children
and adults can have an hour (or more) in the riding ring. We also offer package
courses of 5 or 10 hours that can be used at your leisure within 6 months of
the purchase date and can be used for lessons, a mixture of lessons and trail
rides or trail rides only.

We have two riding rings plus a private field to 'practice' trail riding
techniques. We offer English riding lessons using lighter saddles and
techniques designed for trekking through our hilly territory. Riding lessons are
possible for all ages but for the health and well-being of our horses we
require that riders be under 85kg.

 Appropriate clothing is necessary for your comfort: dress with
layers, long trousers (preferably without an inseam that can rub your inner
leg), light rain coat if necessary, and closed shoes or boots; no sandals or
high heels. We provide protective vests for children and helmets for all riders
and all related insurances are included in the cost. Beginners and experts will
be guided and instructed by qualified staff, operating under the laws and
insurance of Authorized Equestrian and Environmental Guides in Tuscany.

Riding Lessons
Type of Lesson Length of Lesson Price
Children 7 and under 30 minutes € 14
Basic lesson 1 hour € 20
Mini-course 5 hours € 75
Value course 10 hours € 100